How to Pay Less Taxes in Chile [In 5 Steps] - 2023


We have saved more than 1,000 million in taxes. Our tax and accounting team knows how to apply to the maximum the legal benefits to Small, Medium and Large Companies. Clear terms: We review your Balance Sheets and Tax Statements and we only charge based on an effective saving in your Taxes. Clemente Hernández Gemigniani | Corporate and Tax Attorney [...]

How to Pay Less Taxes in Chile [In 5 Steps] - January 2021

We've saved over a billion in taxes. Our tax and accounting team knows how to apply the maximum legal benefits to small, medium and large businesses. Clear terms: We review your Balance Sheet and Tax Status and only charge on the basis of effective savings on your Taxes. Win-Win, right? Clemente Hernandez Gemigniani : NSS [...]

How to Create a Company in Chile while Being a Foreigner [In 6 Steps].

Follow these steps to create a company and invest in Chile Being a Foreigner and Investing in Chile About Us New Society Solutions SpA is a law firm that specializes in providing legal services and advice efficiently and with fixed prices to entrepreneurs and companies both domestic and foreign providing comprehensive advice throughout the [...]

Directory Session in Chile [Guide 2021] [Guía 2021].


Guide on Board of Directors and Board Meetings in Companies: We will see what is a Board of Directors and its Generalities, how to make a Board Meeting and finally we will see different structures of powers of attorney and proxies useful for the Companies. Also the taxation of the income paid to the Directors. For more information, please check out our Corporate Services page.

Stock Options in Chile [Tax Guide] [Guía de Tributación].


In this blog we will see what Stock Options are, what types of Stock Options exist, how they work and their tax treatment. Related topic: Shareholders' Agreements in Chile Originally used in the United States, they have gained popularity worldwide, especially in businesses related to information technology, such as the [...]

Transfer of SpA Shares [Guide 2021].


How to Make a Stock Transfer or Sale of Key Rights in a SpA: Everything you need to know about Stock Transfers in a SpA Make a stock transfer by signing before a notary or before two competent witnesses over 18 years of age. Register the transfer of shares in the Shareholders' Registry. Request [...]

Shareholders' Pact and Vesting Chile [Guide, Models & Examples].


In this blog we will see how to structure a Company where several Shareholders are included, regulated by a Shareholders' Agreement and how share incentives can be given to the essential collaborators of the company. These are the main reasons for incorporating a [...]

What is a SAFE? [Investor's Guide] [Investor's Guide

This article explains the ABC of the Simplified Agreement for Future Equity or SAFE, as an investment mechanism. What is a SAFE? It is a financing contract, generally used by investors in start-ups, in which capital is exchanged for a right to acquire equity in the future at a time or [...]

How to Create a Corporation in Chile [Step by Step Guide] - 2021


All about How to Create a Non-Profit Corporation in Chile Follow these steps and Learn How to Create a Corporation in Chile: 1. Before you start, do you know what a Corporation is and how it works? . A Corporation is an organization of people who associate to fulfill the purposes they have set for themselves. [...]