Tributación de Criptomonedas en Chile [Guía 2024]


Todo sobre tributación de criptomonedas en Chile para reinvertir de forma inteligente y pagar menos impuestos. Este artículo está actualizado por nuestros abogados y contadores para revisar: ⚠️ Recomendamos fuertemente asesorarse antes del 31 de Marzo de 2024 para optimizar los impuestos del 2024. De hacerlo de forma tardía, se generan dificultades que aún podemos […]

How to Recover VAT on a Property [Guide 2023].

Guía sobre como Recuperar del 12 al 16% del IVA de la compra de una Propiedad adquirida para inversión. Así podrás reinvertir la devolución y adquirir nuevos inmuebles u otras inversiones. Con esta estrategia es posible reinvertir de forma constante en activos inmobiliarios y otros. En NSS Abogados y Contadores, prestamos el servicio de asesoría […]

Professional Services VAT Exemption [Guide 2023].


⚠️ As of January 1, 2023, all services will be subject to the Sales and Services Tax ("VAT"), except for those Services Exempt from VAT and the possibility of using Professional Partnerships and other legal structures. The new VAT law admits a possibility to restructure companies so that they may issue [...]

How to open a company in the United States - Guide 2023


All about How to open a company in the United States In this guide we will tell you the main aspects to consider before investing or opening a company in the United States, considering the type of company to be incorporated, the tax effects, and the most common types of investments. If you have any questions, contact Clemente Hernández Gemigniani, Partner [...]

How To Register a Company in Chile [2023 Guide].

How To Register a Company or Incorporate in Chile, and other considerations. We have helped - and work with - investors and companies from all over the world from different industries. Clemente Hernández G. - Founder and Partner of NSS Corporate & Tax There is an infinite number of legal issues that can distract you from [...]

How to Start a Business in Chile While Being a Foreigner [Guide 2023].


Steps to Create a Company and Invest in Chile Being a Foreigner About Us NSS Abogados Limitada is a law firm that specializes in providing legal services and advice efficiently and with fixed prices to entrepreneurs and companies, both national and foreign, providing comprehensive advice throughout the process of investing and investing in Chile.

Alimony Chile [Guide 2023] [Pensión de Alimentos Chile [Guía 2023].


Legal guide with everything you need to know about filing a child support claim, from mediation to payment of child support. Includes an update of the National Registry of Alimony Debtors and more. Family Mediation Family law has as one of its main axes to maintain a harmonious relationship between [...]

How to make an Effective Possession - [Guide 2023].


When a person dies, he or she generally leaves an inheritance containing a series of assets and liabilities that the heirs can receive and dispose of according to their wishes. However, it is necessary to carry out a procedure prior to this: The Effective Possession. We know your needs, the main doubts and typical confusions in this process. In our Guide [...]

Donations Law in Chile (Guide 2023)

Before this law, there were more than 26 donation laws. What are the Donation Laws? What are the Donation Laws in Chile? Cultural Donations Law New Donations Law in Chile As of April 2022, there is a new Donations Law (Law 21.440) with great benefits for Foundations, [...]