How To Register a Company in Chile [2023 Guide].

How To Register a Company or Incorporate in Chile, and other considerations. We have helped - and work with - investors and companies from all over the world from different industries. Clemente Hernández G. - Founder and Partner of NSS Corporate & Tax There is an infinite number of legal issues that can distract you from [...]

How to Start a Business in Chile While Being a Foreigner [Guide 2023].


Steps to Create a Company and Invest in Chile Being a Foreigner About Us NSS Abogados Limitada is a law firm that specializes in providing legal services and advice efficiently and with fixed prices to entrepreneurs and companies, both national and foreign, providing comprehensive advice throughout the process of investing and investing in Chile.

Termination of a Business [Guide 2023].


All about how to terminate a company with the SII and how to dissolve your company in Tu Empresa en un Día Sometimes companies cannot continue operating for different reasons. In these cases, to avoid administrative costs, it is convenient to do the following: In this guide we will see the process of terminating a company's [...]

How to Create a Foundation in Chile [7 Steps].

How to Create a Foundation in Chile: 1. Request a Certificate of Similarity Is the name of my foundation available? 2. 3. File the Deed at the Municipal Secretary's Office 5. File the Public Deed and Documentation Required by the Municipality of the Foundation's Domicile 4.

How to Modify an SpA (Company in One Day) - Step by Step Guide


To Make an Amendment of SpA in One Day: 1. Why make an Amendment of SpA? During the life of a corporation, events usually occur that cause changes to be made to the corporation. 1.1 Increase the Capital and Change of Representatives It is very possible that when your business is growing you want to make [...]

Transfer of SpA Shares [Guide 2021].


How to Make a Stock Transfer or Sale of Key Rights in a SpA: Everything you need to know about Stock Transfers in a SpA Make a stock transfer by signing before a notary or before two competent witnesses over 18 years of age. Register the transfer of shares in the Shareholders' Registry. Request [...]

Shareholders' Pact and Vesting Chile [Guide, Models & Examples].


In this blog we will see how to structure a Company where several Shareholders are included, regulated by a Shareholders' Agreement and how share incentives can be given to the essential collaborators of the company. These are the main reasons for incorporating a [...]

What is a SAFE? [Investor's Guide] [Investor's Guide

This article explains the ABC of the Simplified Agreement for Future Equity or SAFE, as an investment mechanism. What is a SAFE? It is a financing contract, generally used by investors in start-ups, in which capital is exchanged for a right to acquire equity in the future at a time or [...]

2020 Tax Reform Chile - New Tax Regimes


The New Tax Regimes in the Tax Modernization: General Tax Regime (Large Companies) PRO PYME Regime PRO PYME Transparent Regime Since February 24, 2020, the above mentioned tax regimes came into force through the Tax Modernization Law No. 21.210. What are their main characteristics? Comparative Table of Tax Regimes Which one [...]