Shareholders' Covenants in SpA - June 2020

shareholder agreements and bylaws

Avoiding corporate conflicts Why are share transfer agreements necessary? Share Transfer Agreements, or Shareholders' Agreements, are fundamental. Spa and Corporations are known as capital companies. This means that what is fundamental is the capital contributed, rather than the persons, unlike what is [...]

Reasons why Argentine Investors choose to incorporate abroad in Chile in 2020.


A new reality in Argentina With the arrival of a new economic and tax policy by President Alberto Fernández, Argentine entrepreneurs and investors, facing a very uncertain future, are migrating their operations to countries outside their borders where their investments have a tax rate adjusted to their reality. [...]

How to Transform a Limited Liability Company into a SpA [7 STEPS GUIDE].

transform sociedad limitada a spa

Everything you need to know to transform a limited liability company into a SpA 1. What is a Limited Liability Company? A Limited Liability Company is a type of company that allows its partners to be liable only up to the amount of the capital contributed. Therefore, in the event that the partners contract a [...]

Tools to work remotely.

At NSS some time ago we began to prepare for the challenge of working from anywhere in the world, and today, given the international contingency situation, the ability to obtain results regardless of your geographical location has become indispensable. In this short blogpost I am going to refer to some of the most [...]

Operation Renta 2019: The 5 Key Tax Returns

Operation Income Tax 2019 is a complex set of tax returns that companies and individuals are obliged to file every year with different deadlines, depending on the tax return in question. Each Operation Renta 2019 affidavit is different and requests different information from companies both with respect to [...]

Registration of Electronic Tax Documents (DTE)

A What is the Purchase and Sales Register? As of July 2017, the Register of Purchases and Sales was created. It is a new system that the SII made available to taxpayers which replaces the old Books of Purchases and Sales. It is made up of the Register of Purchases and [...]

What you need to know about a corporation.

It is very common that in the beginning of a small enterprise the legal form of a corporation is not adopted. It is more convenient -and what happens in most of the cases- to be constituted as SpA or EIRL. This happens due to the ease that these legal forms present to develop a basic business. Generally [...]

Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL) - [7 Keys].

What is an EIRL? What are its most relevant characteristics? What are the advantages of an EIRL. How to incorporate an EIRL. Tax aspects of an EIRL and its taxes. EIRL or Joint Stock Company? Make an informed choice. An Individual Limited Liability Company (EIRL) is what you need if your intention is to start a business without the need to [...]

Capital gains on disposal of shares (Complete Guide)

Concept of capital gains on disposal of shares. Capital gains are the greater value obtained in the sporadic alienation of certain assets, in this case we are going to talk about shares. The general rule of the new Article 17 N°8 is that capital gains obtained from shares will be taxed [...].