How to Transform a Limited Liability Company into a SpA [7 STEPS GUIDE].

transform sociedad limitada a spa

Everything you need to know to transform a limited liability company into a SpA 1. What is a Limited Liability Company? A Limited Liability Company is a type of company that allows its partners to be liable only up to the amount of the capital contributed. Therefore, in the event that the partners contract a [...]

What Makes an Effective Executive - Summary Article by Peter F. Ducker PhD.

Renowned author Peter F. Ducker insists that an effective executive is not a leader that everyone imagines he or she might be; they can be extroverted or introverted, generous or greedy, in short, there is no stereotype to which we can turn. So, what do effective executives have in common: They ask: What needs to be done? They ask: [...]

8 powerful techniques to improve the way we communicate

The way you communicate is vital for your venture to thrive. Learning to communicate clearly and accurately will give you freedom and purpose in life by constantly having conversations that are clear, interesting and persuasive. Advantages of Good Communication When you communicate clearly, you create: [...]

Employer's Salary

Also known as corporate salary. One of the questions of entrepreneurs is always how a company that pays taxes can remunerate those partners who perform work within the line of business of the company, or who act as General Manager and represent the company with powers of administration of the same. Requirements [...]

Tips to increase your productivity.

"It is vain to do with more what can be done with less" William of Ockham Focus. It is one of the essential skills that every entrepreneur must have. We all have 24 hours in a day, so the question always arises: why do some people achieve so much more than others during this time? The team of [...]

What makes a leader? Summary of the article by Daniel Goleman, PhD.

Everyone knows the story of a highly intelligent person, with many skills, who was promoted to a leadership position only to fail at it. We also know some person who does not possess the best technical skills but was promoted to a similar position where he literally broke it with his leadership. So let's see, [...]