What to do if they use my Trademark?

To file an Intellectual Property Claim for trademark misuse: Make sure you have a Trademark registered in your name. Identify the person or company that is using your trademark. Check that the infringer is using the trademark on the same kind of product or service. Collect evidence and determine damages to [...]

License Agreement

It consists of an agreement between two companies from different countries, whereby one of them, called the licensor company, grants the other, called the licensee company, the right to use a patent, a trademark, a production process, a trade secret or other intangible assets in exchange for [...].

Commercial Franchise

Concept of franchise contract. It is a common operation that seeks commercial success where the entrepreneur of commerce tries to achieve efficiency by linking with another entrepreneur owner of an organization, trade name, know-how or trademark or distinctive symbols, with a chain of commercial establishments over a certain territory. The entrepreneur owner [...]

What is a trademark and benefits of its registration

In this week's post, we are going to touch on an important topic for entrepreneurs, which is closely linked to establishing an identity for your company. This identity should be associated with the set of attributes and values inherent to the brand of your company, by which it will be quickly identified by your audience is [...]

What is an Invention Patent?

Take care of your Industrial Property rights[/caption] Patent Concept When developing your business, evaluate intelligently which are the potential assets that your company has, especially if they fall into the category of inventions. In this case, they are intangible assets. Our mission is to advise you in a strategic way so that you know what [...]