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Tax accounting for businesses

Outsource your accounting, tax, accounts and remuneration to a multidisciplinary team with global experience

Accounting and Tax Compliance NSS®

Services designed for each client

Monthly Accounting

Simplified and Complete Accounting, IFRS, books, balance sheets and EEFF to make better decisions.

Monthly Statements

F29, F50, Sales and purchase book, stamping of documents in the SII, monthly pre-balance sheet and more.

Annual Statements

Rental operation - error-free and optimized for your company.

Tax Advisory

Access to informed and more efficient decisions

Compensation and HR

Compensation, payroll, employee, partners and shareholders benefits

Taxation of Partners and Shareholders

Integration of services to optimize complex tax structures

Municipal Patents

Processing, calculation, patent payment optimization and possible rebates


Integration of services to optimize complex tax structures

International Taxes

Declaration of foreign investments, credits for taxes paid abroad, and others

Real Estate Investment

Recover VAT on purchased real estate, structure investments and more

Global Complementary Tax

Calculate and optimize your personal taxes and discover benefits

Loans and interest

Optimize your structures to access better rates and financial products

Transparent pricing

We create plans based on experience

Be supported by our corporate, labor and tax legal team, which is able to provide informed answers to complex questions.


Expert accounting team for each sector



Fintech & Crypto

Real Estate


Planning meeting

We use digital media to gather labor, financial and accounting information.


Onboarding and migration

We migrate your records and access your information.



We take care of your accounting

F-29, F-22, F-50, affidavits and everything your company needs to be in compliance.

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Efficient and seamless transition

We implement the new systems

Get started with NSS in one week - we review your structure, rebuild your records and books and start adding value.


We export your data

Any data collected by NSS can be exported at any time to your company.


We adapt to your time

At the beginning of the services, our team coordinates with your team the monthly and weekly work schedule.


Surround yourself with the right professionals and resources

Reap the benefits of everything we've learned and gain real-time visibility into your accounting and financials.

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Tax Accounting

Fulfillment of monthly and monthly and annual

The regulatory environment that affects businesses is constantly changing and evolving, seamlessly bring your relationship with the SII into compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Updated experts

Experienced and independent
and independence

NSS has extensive experience in independent consulting for companies and NGOs.

We take the time to understand your needs and present clear information tailored to your company's unique circumstances. All of our accounting engagements are performed in accordance with the requirements established by the Colegio de Contadores.


and Human Resources

We manage the processes of personnel hiring, remunerations, calculation of second category taxes and social security contributions of your employees in accordance with the legal regulations in force.

We elaborate employment contracts, annexes to employment contracts and we keep control of vacations, sending notifications to the Labor Directorate, calculating settlements, among other essential labor procedures.


Choose how to pay for your favorite legal services

We strive to design legal services in a simple way, allying ourselves with the main payment methods in the market so that clients and companies do not waste time in administrative tasks in the relationship with their lawyers.

6 installments without interest

Through the best payment platforms, you can access the financing in the installments you need for your legal services.

Bank Transfer

We accept wire transfers from all types of banks, both national and international.


We accept payments through Bitcoin and Ethereum transfers.


Answers to your questions

Let's have a meeting to get to know your business and recommend the right plan for your needs.

Monthly returns are made within the dates designated by the Internal Revenue Service (SII), after which each client is notified that the returns are ready to be cancelled. It should be noted that:

- F-29, payable up to the 20th of each month
- PREVIRED contributions, payable up to the 13th of each month

Each company must have a user in previred. Once this is done, the monthly contribution forms are uploaded manually or electronically and the payment is made. The platform is available on the first day of the following month to be paid.

The expenses established in Art. 31 of the Income Tax Law, complying with the following conditions:

- must be paid or owed

- must correspond to the current tax period

- they must be necessary to produce the income they must be part of the line of business they must be supported or justified with the appropriate documentation

Depending on the plan, via telephone, WhatsApp and e-mail.

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