Your business in Chile, in the best hands

NSS helps businesses open companies, bank accounts, plan taxes and manage the life of their business in Chile quickly and expertly.

+30 foreign companies and investors scale their businesses in Chile and LATAM with NSS Corporate & Tax®.

First steps

Comienza a operar con paquetes legales todo-incluído


Corporate and tax process for your operating company

Bank Account

Opening a digital bank account with CLP and USD

Tax Address

NSS offers annual plans at its office in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.


Dedicated accounting and tax team

Contratos Intercompany

Facturación entre empresas y Transfer Pricing Regulations

Aportes de Capital

Capitalización correcta de las filiales chilenas para operar correctamente


Mutuos de dinero entre empresas matrices y filiales o subsidiarias

Tratados Internacionales

Aplicaremos los tratados para evitar la doble tributación entre países

Unlimited scale

Growing in Chile with advice from an interdisciplinary team

Local knowledge, global reach

Accede a industrias específicas y con estructuras corporativas diseñadas para escalar

Representation and accounting

We provide advice that considers accounting, tax and fiscal aspects.

Bank for growing companies

Access to powerful benefits in the best banks in the country. Operate without borders in CLP, USD and EUR.


Clear and expeditious process

Equipo legal y contable

Customized services for each client

Our team of lawyers and accountants has the experience and global business vision for companies of all sizes.

We create and sell companies, establishments or agencies of foreign companies of high legal quality according to the different needs of ownership, administration and capitalization.

From obtaining Tax ID and billing authorization to the application of international treaties.

Domicile the company in our offices in the financial district of Santiago.

NSS lawyers act as legal representatives of the companies, manage it and sign it according to the client's commands.

Our accountants offer accounting services for monthly and annual tax compliance, as well as contracts, payroll and more.

We opened a digital account in pesos and U.S. dollars.

NSS Services Brochure

Hemos preparado esta cotización en PDF
para nuestros clientes


Access one of the most powerful business ecosystems in LATAM most powerful business ecosystems in LATAM

Internal Revenue Service
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Start operating correctly

Our teams include local experts and advisors with extensive networks and deep experience in sourcing and executing transactions in the region.

Personalized service

We make investing in
Chile easy

We know in detail the step by step to incorporate your company in Chile under the best practices of the market, to maximize your chances of success.

We put at your disposal all our contacts in public services as well as in banks and private companies to achieve the objectives that your company sets out in its expansion to our country.


Mandatarios del cliente

We execute your instructions,

Es tu negocio, tu forma de hacer las cosas, nosotros lo hacemos por ti en Chile siempre manteniendo la esencia de tu empresa y de su forma de trabajar.
Nuestros poderes para representar a su sociedad en Chile establecen expresamente que debemos actuar previa instrucción de su empresa.

Additional Services

The variety of services that
your company needs

We provide foreign investors with all the services they require so that they can rest assured that they are doing things according to the law.