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Legal and accounting team for your business in Chile

From Fortune 500 companies to privately held companies, NSS is trusted with entity creation, administration, accounting and taxation, and more.

Trust NSS as a Global Partner in Chile and LATAM

All-in-one legal and tax solution

Creación de empresas, cumplimiento tributario, Payroll y más


Corporate and tax process for your operating company

Bank Account

Opening a digital bank account with CLP and USD

Tax Address

NSS offers annual plans at its office in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.

Accounting and taxes

Dedicated accounting and tax team

Intercompany Contracts

Intercompany Billing and Transfer Pricing Regulations

Capital Contributions

Correct capitalization of the Chilean subsidiaries to operate correctly


Mutual funds between parent companies and affiliates or subsidiaries

International Treaties

We will apply treaties to avoid double taxation between countries.

Full investment cycle

Chile offers tax incentives; from capital contributions, loans, intercompany agreements and application of treaties to avoid double taxation.

Get a fast start to your operations in Chile

Our processes are efficient and allow us to customize your operation to your needs in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Access to Premium Corporate Banking

We open bank accounts in the best banks in the country, with international and digitalized capabilities.

Start billing in 2 weeks

Fast, customized onboarding

Tax domicile, accounting and reporting, as well as legal and compliance services. In addition, we work with your legal and tax advisors to get your company up and running as quickly as you need.

2 weeks

Time to create a company

+20 industries

Experience in different areas

Consultancy included

We customize each case


Tus representantes
legales en Chile

Esteban Sáez D.

Lawyer Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Magister en Tributación Universidad de Chile (c)
Founding Partner NSS Corporate & Tax Abogados

Clemente Hernandez G.

Lawyer Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Diploma in Taxation Universidad de Chile
Founding Partner NSS Corporate & Tax Abogados


Plans designed for international structures

Our fixed and transparent prices include everything your company needs.

Integrate your company

It links and connects business processes in the most developed country in LATAM.

Internal Revenue Service
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers

NSS is a full service law firm. We offer our clients everything they need to create and maintain a partnership.

It is not necessary, we do everything for you by means of a Power of Attorney (PoA) that the client grants us.

In 2 weeks we can have for you a new and operational company with a bank account.

The process takes 2 weeks. Then the transfer of the company to the client takes place as soon as the client sends the apostilled documentation to Chile. 

Yes, our accounting team keeps the books, taxes and manages your employees' compensation.

There is no minimum capital requirement in Chile to start a company. 

As many clients do not maintain a natural person in Chile who can act as their legal representative, NSS partners act as legal representatives of their company for a fixed monthly fee. 

Yes, our international clients maintain their tax and notification addresses at our offices, located in the financial district of Santiago.


Let's work together

Esteban Sáez Durán

Partner - Lawyer
+56 9 9010 249

Clemente Hernandez

Partner - Lawyer
+569 9884 63 48

We can also schedule a meeting

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When offering global legal solutions, regulatory compliance is a must.

NSS is located in the Financial District of Santiago, you can schedule a meeting ☕.