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Virtual Offices and
tax domicile

Get your tax and commercial address in our offices, located in Las Condes and close to the Manquehue subway station.

NSS Virtual Office

Save money and reduce your fixed rental costs by hiring the NSS virtual office service.

Tax and Commercial Address

Receipt of correspondence

Personalized attention

Advantages of contracting the NSS virtual office


Save money

Reduce your company's fixed expenses by approximately 70%. It reduces costs in the payment of rent, purchase of furniture, contracting of services such as internet, telephone and maintenance of this space.

we know you need it

Time to grow your business

By delegating the administrative and maintenance activities of a physical office to third parties, you will be able to dedicate all your time to the development of your project and to provide a good service to your clients.


Improve your brand image

With this good virtual office, well located in central and easily accessible areas, with good spaces and good service, you give a greater differentiation to your business. This is something that your customers and suppliers will notice.


Tailor-made subscriptions


Choose how to pay for your favorite legal services

We strive to design legal services in a simple way, allying ourselves with the main payment methods in the market so that clients and companies do not waste time in administrative tasks in the relationship with their lawyers.

6 installments without interest

Through the best payment platforms, you can access the financing in the installments you need for your legal services.

Bank Transfer

We accept wire transfers from all types of banks, both national and international.


We accept payments through Bitcoin and Ethereum transfers.


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