International Legal Structures in Chile

Companies of all sizes rely on NSS to start their activities in Chile, open Companies, Bank Accounts, send transfers and manage their business in our country.


Invest in Chile in a few simple steps


We help our clients to carry out initiatives and strategic planning of Projects and Start-Ups.

1. Strategic Planning

Tax, accounting, financial and corporate planning to start operations in Chile

2. We send Powers of Attorney

We draw up the powers of attorney and coordinate dispatch to Chile to act on your behalf

Incorporation of the company

3. Incorporation of a Company

Quality and modern statutes, which ensure the best structure according to your business and team

4. Tax regularization

Start of activities, RUT, electronic invoicing, choice of tax regime and more

5. Taxation Address

Centralize the operations in Chile in our commercial address for your company

6. Bank Account

We get an international bank account – control the company from abroad


7. Monthly Representation

We act as legal representatives of companies in Chile, acting under instructions

8. Accounting and Taxation

Accounting, operational support and tax compliance, according to IFRS

what we do

We enhance the main

your business needs

Corporate Structure

Solid company structure, with 100% digitalized documentation.

Tax Planning

Get TAX ID, electronic billing and everything you need to operate.

Taxation Address

Habilitation of your company in our office in Las Condes, Santiago.

Receive and Send Payments

Operate your company from all over the world with bank accounts.

Accounting & Taxation

Our alliance with C&C Contadores Auditores covers all needs.

Labor Contracting

Companies ready to hire personnel in Chile.

fixed prices

Cost, coverage and

exceptional experience


Find answers to frequently asked questions

Process costs

Clear and transparent rates, no surprises and a competitive price.

What are your fixed prices?

When we say there are no hidden fees, it means there are no surprise extra charges in the box. We will only charge you for the package you select.

What are the monthly payments?

Our packages include 6 months of tax domicile and 3 months of monthly representation.

Then, both concepts must be renewed for periods agreed with the client.

What are the costs?

The client must bear the cost of legalizing and sending the powers of attorney to Chile from their country + USD $150 in expenses associated with Notaries and registrations of the Company in Chile.


Legal representatives

How it works and why you need legal representatives in Chile

What is a Legal Representative?

To operate in Chile it is required to have a legal representative with residence in Chile responsible for the company. You can act for her before the tax authority, receive notices of proceedings and more.

Do you offer representation?

In NSS we offer in our legal packages the representation by trusted lawyers of our team, from USD 250/month.

Fees and what does it include?

Our monthly representation starts from USD 250/month and includes a service package; monthly contracts, meetings with government agencies and other performances.

In addition, we signed a representation agreement to make clear our powers (in addition to the statutory powers).

Process times

All about the deadlines for successful completion.

How long does the process take?

The time it will take you to complete your training varies between 25 and 45 days for the Business plan and 15 days for the Operating Company.

Is the company purchase faster?

Yes. The purchase of a company takes only as long as the powers of attorney are sent to us for the foreign investor to acquire it.

This operation takes less than 1 month and you already have a compliance company, bank account and billing.

Business Bank Account

Requirements, times and characteristics of obtaining a Chilean bank account.

Which bank was the account opened at?

We’ll open a checking account in a Chilean bank. We work with Banco de Chile, Santander, BCI and Banco Estado.

We will open the account on your behalf and share the account details with you. You can manage your entire banking experience online. No visit required.

What are the bank's requirements?

The bank requests financial and banking information from shareholders (balance sheets, letters of recommendation from foreign banks, etc.).

In this sense, we always recommend that the shareholder of the Chilean Company be a legal entity and not individuals.

Are there monthly bank fees?

Yes, the banks we use have small monthly fees of around 30 USD/month. The fixed value for international transfer transactions through SWIFT mechanisms is approximately 100 USD for each transfer made.

USD and Credit Card Accounts?

The accounts that we process for our clients are both in USD and CLP, allowing us to carry out all types of operations both locally and internationally.

Audit and Accounting

C&C Accountants Auditors

Ongoing compliance with tax and accounting obligations

Monthly and Annual Maintenance?

Our accounting and tax compliance service covers your annual and monthly filing along with other state requirements, we keep full accounting under IFRS.


Remuneration and Human Resources?

That’s right, C&C cares about everything; from salaries, pension payments, health care and more.

Let’s get started – 4 simple steps


Services Contract

We sign a contract with our clients to make everything clear.


We received payment

With the payment and the contract, we can start working.


Legalization Powers

The powers of attorney are legalized and sent to Chile, with an apostille


We created the Company

Constitution and tax regularization in a few days

We want to know you

Contact us without obligation

Let’s have a meeting or a video call, or if you prefer, write us your questions and queries.

guaranteed quality

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