Full-service firm for
your company in Chile

NSS® is a one-stop legal, accounting and tax services firm for international companies that arrive to Chile. With years of experience, we provide comprehensive and scalable solutions based on your business needs.
+50 global companies trust NSS®
Essential functions

Start your business in Chile remotely and keep it 100% compliant

From the creation of your company to reporting, we take care of critical tax, accounting and payroll functions, ensuring that your company is 100% compliant with regulations.

Previous strategy

Elevate your financial strategy by consulting our experts

Our experience in international advice and application of international double taxation agreements makes us your perfect ally.
International Withholding Taxes
Intercompany Contracts
Application of Tax Agreements
Priority processing

Your company — in record time and from anywhere

Quality and time are not the opposite with NSS. Your company incorporated with first-rate statutes, in a fast, reliable and secure manner. Ready to operate.
Joint-Stock Company
Limited Liability Company
Sociedad Anonima
Banking and Finance

Opening accounts in USD and CLP

We opened a local checking account in CLP and USD, and then added foreign users.
CLP/USD current account
Buying and selling currencies online
Access for foreign users
Plans tailored to your business

Hassle-free tax returns

Get financial clarity with the 1:1 CPA consultation included in our Total Compliance package. Ask tax experts questions, get personalized advice, and navigate the complexities of taxes with confidence.
Monthly and Annual Statements
IFRS Financial Statements
International taxes
Dedicated attorneys

Specialized support and comprehensive answers

With years of experience representing more than 50 companies from all continents in Chile, NSS partners help each client to grow in a personalized way
Face-to-face management in public and private institutions
Revision and signing of contracts
Execution of written instructions from the principals
Payroll & HR

Hire and maintain talent

We simplify global payroll operations and HR transformation with fully managed and standardised payroll processing alongside HR admin support.
Compensation, incentives and benefits checks
Payroll and HR project management
Market entry and operational readiness

Local knowledge, global businesses

Knowledge and experience in different sectors to support the success of our clients in Chile.

We understand technology because we use it.

We work with technology companies around the world, we understand the way in which they operate and how they are regulated. We negotiate financing agreements and obtain tax advantages.

We energize the country

With extensive experience in wind and photovoltaic projects, NSS has participated in projects from north to south of Chile, in the preparation of contracts and their management.

Provide your service like a local

NSS supports all kinds of service companies, whether marketing, engineering, design, among many others, to operate in Chile, with a local team and with their clear and up-to-date accounts.

Operate your remote E-commerce

Import and sell your products as if you were a local, from anywhere in the world powered by NSS and its strategic allies who will support you with your logistics, storage and distribution.

Organize with confidence

Organize trips with confidence for your customers knowing that you will have a local representative who can assist them in any emergency.

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Tax planning

Consulting, review and application of local taxes, international treaties and optimization of your project


Company incorporation process with personalized corporate and tax advice

Accounting and Taxation

Monthly and annual tax filing, affidavit, tax analysis and tax evaluations.

Legal Representation

High-quality legal representation provided directly by our firm's partners, who support you 24/7

Recruitment and Payroll

Comprehensive employment and payroll services, simplifying your processes and ensuring compliance.

Visas and immigration

Visa and immigration solutions for your team and executives, facilitating their integration and stay

Bank account

Opening a powerful CLP and USD bank account with foreign users

Tax address

NSS offers annual plans at its office in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile's financial district

Capital, intercompany and mutual agreements

NSS will guide you on the optimal way to finance the company's operation in Chile
The Economist® Ranking

Invest in the most developed country in LATAM

Low political risk, clear regulation and high digitalization of payments make Chile an attractive destination for investment.

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All transactions include tax advice and compliance with the SII
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Secure process

We work with various public institutions to fully carry out each operation
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Digital documentation

We work securely via remote channels for greater speed and efficiency
How it works

Fast, personalized process

From making incorporation decisions to setting up the company, we add value throughout your incorporation journey.

Initial meeting — 1 hr

Our partners with relevant experience in the incorporation and administration of companies will help you to clearly determine and establish your objectives and needs in Chile.

Sending Information (KYC) — 7 min

We will collect the necessary data and documents from the customer to create the contracts

Sign service and PoA contracts — 1 hr

Digital signing of contracts and payment by the customer of initial fees

Creation of a company and bank — 2 weeks

Creation of a tailor-made company, opening of bank accounts and tax regularization

Tax and accounting maintenance

From maintenance to tax planning to dividend distribution, our constant multidisciplinary support will accompany you
Our Solution

Designed to make a difference

At NSS, your priorities are our priorities. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that international companies face when establishing themselves in Chile. Our comprehensive legal services are designed to provide seamless support and ensure your success.

Sustainability and excellence

We adopt sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact, betting on a greener future.

Privacy and security

Our legal services are designed with the highest standards of confidentiality and security.

Community and networking

Join the many international companies that rely on NSS® for their legal needs in Chile.

Digital approach

We use advanced technology to avoid errors and maximize the time spent with our customers. Our digitized approach guarantees precision and efficiency in our services.

Why NSS®

Find out how our services help you save money, reduce time, avoid errors and stay in compliance while minimizing risks.

USD $1,000
Monthly savings in operating costs
We have helped our clients reduce costs by more than $12,000 USD compared to international standards, thanks to our efficient legal processes
3x faster
Reduction in fees and salaries
We have streamlined the configuration of international legal entities in Chile, being three times faster than the average legal industry in Chile.
80% less
Time spent on administrative tasks
Our clients report an 80% reduction in time spent on administrative tasks related to taxes and outsourced accounting.
1-2 weeks
Time to Integrate with Your Accounting
Do you have your own legal and financial team and country of origin? We are quick to integrate with your ERPs, form of reporting, etc.
2:1 KING
Return on Investment in Services
In the long term, our clients experience an annual return on investment in accounting services, largely due to the actual savings and tax delays we apply.
Credit Profile Improvement
Companies and individuals that work with NSS® experience an improvement in their credit capacity through the ideal combination of tax burden and income, depending on the objectives of each client.
Reducing Legal Risks
We guarantee full compliance with current regulations, minimizing the likelihood of SII fines and sanctions and representing clients in external audits.

Start, grow and stay compliant

From formation to dedicated legal representatives and accountants (CPAs), tax returns and IRS handling, tax consulting, payroll and more — we're by your side in every step.



One-time payment. Expenses included.
USD $2,000
Main services include:
All-inclusive package designed for foreign companies
Tax Consulting
Creation of a company and statutes
Power of Attorney
Investor (s) Tax ID
Business Tax ID
Company Statutes
Tax address
Trade Register
Municipal Patent
Schedule a meeting

Stay compliant

Monthly subscription.
USD $500/month
Main services include:
Taxes, accounting and HR adapted to your needs
Legal representatives
Dedicated Accountant (CPA)
Financial reports
Monthly taxes
Annual Taxes*
Annual tax address
Tax Consulting
Payroll and payroll
Schedule a meeting

Included in our services

Monthly Statements
Monthly Compilance
Consultoría tributaria
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Legal representatives

Your business-driven, well connected partners in Chile

At NSS, we can help you expand your business by taking care of critical tax, accounting and HR functions, so you can spend more time on strategy, innovation, growth and customer relationships.

Esteban Sáez
Founding Partner

Attorney at the Catholic University of Chile
Master in Taxation University of Chile (c)

Clemete Hernández
Founding Partner

Attorney at the Catholic University of Chile
Diploma in Taxation | University of Chile

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers

Everything you need to know about our services, prices and payment methods.

NSS is a full service studio. We offer our customers everything they need to create and maintain a society.
It's not necessary, we do everything for you through a Power of Attorney (PoA) granted to us by the client.
In 2 weeks we can have for you a new and operational company with a bank account.
Yes. Our international clients keep their tax and notification addresses at our offices, located in the financial district of Santiago.
Yes, our accounting team keeps the books, reports your taxes and manages the compensation of your employees.
There is no minimum capital in Chile to create a company. We recommend starting with sufficient amounts to trade.
Since many clients do not maintain a natural person in Chile who can act as a legal representative, NSS partners act as legal representatives of their company for a fixed monthly fee.
How do your prices work?
The creation of a company has a fixed price, then monthly representation, accounting and payroll are invoiced periodically.