Legal, Tax and Accounting for Your Organization

Companies, businessmen and individuals trust NSS in all corporate, tax and accounting legal matters in Chile and abroad.

Confían en NSS más de 50 empresas de todos los continentes.
Áreas de especialidad integradas

Centraliza tus operaciones legales y tributarias con servicios diseñados por abogados y contadores.

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Companies and business groups

From the incorporation of companies, their modifications, M&A processes, Venture Capital and more services for companies.

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Tax advice and consultancy

Both national and international tax advice for individuals and companies. Plan, maintain and optimize your tax burden.

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Specialized Tax Compliance

We keep your accounts, monthly and annual statements. Always optimizing its structure.

Industries and sectors

Our business is to know yours

We work with clients from a wide range of sectors — our long-term experience working with our clients has allowed us to create unique solutions and tools for each sector.


Application of financial regulation before CMF, UAF and Compliance

Real Estate

Strategic advice for investors with a tax focus


Strategic development and maintenance of international trade businesses


Tailored strategies for tax compliance and project financial health

Venture Capital

Financing structuring, shareholder agreements and exits


Licensing and structuring the business


Operation of tourism businesses with local and foreign investors


We structure companies with a strong acquisition of fixed assets


We know the farming business to keep it successful

Don't just take our word for it

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